Engaging everyone in port-city governance


One of the main challenges for healthy port-city relationships is getting citizens involved in the governance. Several port cities are innovating in this aspect and show a renewed philosophy. The port of Bahía Blanca in Argentina is starting the second stage of its program, “Puerto Abierto (Open Port)”, entitled “El Puerto Dialoga (The Port in Dialogue)”. After the diagnosis of the first stage, now the port will meet virtually with representatives from all relevant institutions, from companies to environmentalists or universities, to discuss on concrete actions. The final stage will be agreeing on the projects and developing them. The final goal is to find synergies for an integral development plan. Another example of citizen consultation can be found in the expansion plan for the Port Seine-Métropole Ouest, in greater Paris, France. The consultation started in September and will continue until the end of the month, as a crucial part of the process that started in late 2013. In order to have a sustainable port-city relationship it is crucial to develop common port city vision, following a holistic engagement based on collaborative decision-making, as the President and CEO of the Halifax (video) Port Authority clearly said in a recent statement.

Puerto Bahía Blanca, Port Seine-Metropole, Port Halifax

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