Rail freight for intermodality: key to making ports attractive once more


It is frequently observed that the most attractive ports are those with good rail links, where port infrastructures are properly integrated into both the local economic and urban fabric. One example is Ningbo  (China), which forms part of a vast conurbation along with Zhoushan and Shanghai, and has taken full advantage of the local rail network to improve its performance still further this year with growth of 23%. A recent report by the Africa CEO Forum also identified city-port links, and particularly rail links, as key to the development of the African port sector. The executives behind the report highlighted examples including Tanger Med (Morocco) and Durban (South Africa),which have dense rail networks. As a result, numerous rail development projects on the continent should help to promote intermodality in City-Port territories. These include San Pedro (Côte d’Ivoire), where a new railway will connect the inland mining production sites with the port, and the planned development at Boankra (Ghana), where an inland port will connect Ghana’s various port cities with those in the country’s hinterland.

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