Graffiti in port city: New life for industrial landscapes in Linz and Hamburg

 Culture and identity 

Urban art and industrial port settings are a win-win combination. In many port cities around the globe, warehouses and industrial building are great canvases for graffiti artists to bring new life to these landscapes. In the case of Linz (Austria), the Mural Harbor is an open-air gallery in the river port, that started in 2012 and has already gathered more than 300 murals from artist coming from 35 different countries. Today, the area is one of Linz’s tourist attractions, including guided walking tours. In 2020, a new area was inaugurated: the M.A.Z. Museum auf Zeit, a temporary urban art exhibition and indoor extension of the Mural Harbor. Another example of graffiti art in port city areas can be found in Hamburg, Germany. The Walls can Dance initiative, in which national and international urban artists create colourful large-scale murals, along a path connecting the city centre of Harburg with the river port.

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