Innovative mobility in port cities: logistics, waterbuses and bus stops


French water transport is increasingly relevant in construction site logistics. Key stakeholders, including HAROPA and the municipality, are collaborating to promote river logistics for the Olympic Games of 2024 in Paris, including the construction of the Olympic village. In Strasbourg (France), 6 tonnes of paving stones have been delivered for the first time using barges and bicycles took place, reducing the impact of construction material logistics. Innovative logistics also concerns passengers, such as the new waterbuses in the Province of South Holland, since 6 will be hybrid and 3 electric. User’s experience is one of the key aspects in public transport, as it is clear in the new self-sufficient bus stops financed by port authority of Algeciras (Spain). The new canopies include solar panels to power the lighting and will allow the user to charge its phone while waiting for the bus.

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