Discovering literature’s masterpieces in Trieste and San Antonio

 Culture and identity 

From Hemingway, to Melville or Joseph Conrad, the maritime world has inspired many famous novels by well-known authors. Exploring this connection, the port of Trieste (Italy) has launched the initiative “Ti porto un libro”, as part of their #IORESTOACASAENAVIGO program. The port authority invited four contemporary authors to recommend four books inspired by the sea, and to read excerpts and record them in four port locations usually not accessible to the citizens. The four video stories have been published during the Christmas period and are available in Youtube. The sea has also inspired famous poets, like Neruda, as the first exhibition of the Sea Book Museum in San Antonio, Chile shows. The exhibition, the inaugural activity of this institution created by the port authority, is 100% virtual and is the result of the cooperation between Chilean and Italian organizations, a country with which the author also developed a special connection.

Port of Trieste, Youtube Channel, Portal Portuario, Exposición

The Port of Dublin aspires to become a cultural hub

 Culture and identity 

It plans to convert the old pumping station in the Docklands sector into an exhibition and live performance centre. Five plays have already been produced and filmed last summer. The building and adjacent wharf will be redeveloped. Also in the Docklands, the Dock Mill project has just been unveiled: a 14-storey block with a wood structure whose design was inspired by the original mill on the one hand and the Docklands identity on the other.

Irish Times ; ArchDaily (+ images)

Graffiti in port city: New life for industrial landscapes in Linz and Hamburg

 Culture and identity 

Urban art and industrial port settings are a win-win combination. In many port cities around the globe, warehouses and industrial building are great canvases for graffiti artists to bring new life to these landscapes. In the case of Linz (Austria), the Mural Harbor is an open-air gallery in the river port, that started in 2012 and has already gathered more than 300 murals from artist coming from 35 different countries. Today, the area is one of Linz’s tourist attractions, including guided walking tours. In 2020, a new area was inaugurated: the M.A.Z. Museum auf Zeit, a temporary urban art exhibition and indoor extension of the Mural Harbor. Another example of graffiti art in port city areas can be found in Hamburg, Germany. The Walls can Dance initiative, in which national and international urban artists create colourful large-scale murals, along a path connecting the city centre of Harburg with the river port.

URBANSHIT, Linz Tourismus, Walls Can Dance

Protecting and valorising historical heritage in Algeciras (Spain)

 Culture and identity 

The port of Algeciras is developing the Plan for the Conservation and Enhancement of the Historical Heritage. One of the areas of action of the new plan concerns the historical bunkers of the fortifies system of strait of Gibraltar. The first projects will include the refurbishment of two bunkers in the beaches of Guadarranque and Rinconcillo, included in broader waterfront plans. Further refurbishment projects in the Isla Verde fort are being discussed.

La Vanguardia

Antwerp Port Experience pavilion renewed to discover the port from the city

 Culture and identity 

The port pavilion Antwerp Port Experience, in the port city interface of the Belgian City, has been renewed to display a new and more attractive exhibition for all audiences. The concept for the exhibition uses virtual and augmented reality to explain the port. The visitors will receive a tablet in addition to a personal explanation when entering the pavilion, guiding them through an interactive tour. Pointing the camera of the tablet at the aerial photo, the visitors will be able to choose which port activities they want to know more about. When they scan the portrait photo of a port employee, the character will come to life on the screen explaining more in detail. The new space will open on December 19th. Similar immersive digital tools are already used in several Port Centers of the PC Network.

Port of Antwerp, Port Center Network

In Malmö (Sweden), the shipyard is set to be turned into a creative hub

 Culture and identity 

Currently in ruins, the old foundry dating from 1910, which produced parts for ships, is to be transformed into a creative hub. Located in a new sustainable district of Malmö, the building will house 300 workspaces, meeting rooms, open lounges, studios, and exhibition spaces. The building’s historic aspects will be re-interpreted and showcased..

Archdaily (+ images, plans)

Celebrating Port City Culture in Portugal and Ireland: Theatre, Photography and Heritage

 Culture and identity 

In October and November AIVP shared several good practices to disclose port city culture. Here two new ones. The port of Dublin (Ireland) has funded the Winter Festival of Plays, filmed in the historical Pumphouse Building. The 5 plays will be freely available online. In Portugal, the port of Leixões announced the winners of the 9th port photography competition “Sentir… Mais do que um porto! (To feel… more than a port!)”. Additionally, the port also announced the beginning of the reconstruction of the historical crane Titan. The project will cost 2 million €, being possible to visit the infrastructure and will have a programme involving the regional school and artistic community.

Dublin Port, Port of Leixões 1, Port of Leixões 2, Titan-APDL