New ways to explore the Port City Culture

 Culture and identity 

While the restrictions to social gatherings continue to apply, port city actors are developing new ways to explore the port city culture. Port Saint John in Canada has published online the storybook Port City Champ and prepared a scavenger hunt for families. The participants can enjoy this activity to explore their port city on foot or wheels. In Rotterdam, this year’s edition of the World Port Days festival will finally take place virtually under the title “Port Stories”, with the “Digital Port Day” on September 5th. Other online initiatives are also taking place in Chile, for example in San Antonio, where the port is inviting the local community to share their historical photos, or in Valparaíso where a citizen’s organizations is hosting online events to discuss neighbourhoods’ initiatives and stories.

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New Port Center in Dunkirk

 Culture and identity 

Last Saturday, 4th of July, the Port Center of Dunkirk (France) opened its doors to public for the 1st time. The process started 2 years ago, with the support of the main partners, the Urban Community of Dunkirk, the Port Authority, ACMAPOR association (Association for the creation of a home for port life and traditions) and the Port Museum. The new Port Center is located in the Port Museum and its exhibition is based on 7 topics: the identity the port, ships, goods, men, territory, prospects and opening to the world. The new space with 240 sqm. will be main point for the port-city-citizen relationship.

Dunkerque Port Center

Ports celebrate the international day of archives

 Culture and identity 

Usually rich in historic documents but often not so well known by the general public, port archives are gradually gaining more attention. Several ports have prepared special events and content to celebrate this day. The port of Barcelona (Spain), has prepared a guide to teach people to organize their own memories. The Archive of the port of Tarragona (Spain) also prepared special guided tours to show the public the relevance of their work. Port archives are a source of rich, historical content that can be disclosed and exhibit in innovative ways to establish a link with citizens, as the port of Dublin (Ireland) is doing with an attractive dedicated website and its director explains in this video.

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Dublin Port presents a play on the social connection between port and city

 Culture and identity 

The play “In our veins”, commissioned by the Port of Dublin, explores the life story of a docker and their family through 100 years of Dublin City. The play was initially featured at the Abbey Theatre in April 2019 and will be available on Dublin Port’s YouTube channel starting June 8th for one week. This initiative is part of the Port Perspective program, which allows artists to respond to the built environment, local areas, history and context of the city’s port.

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