Food, Port Cities and Blue Economy


Besides challenges such as climate change adaptation or the energy transition, coastal territories also play an important role in the food sector, particularly linked to the blue economy. For that reason, there are several research projects trying to understand how aquaculture can be improved. One example can be found in Port Atlantique La Rochelle (France), where the QUALIPERTUIS project wants to bring a new look at the causes of mortality of certain shellfish and fish in port and coastal areas. Another example is the ASTRAL EU research project, which will develop new, sustainable, profitable and resilient value chains for integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) production in Atlantic markets. This aquaculture production method integrates the by-products of some species as inputs for others, so the waste produced by some fishes can become nutrients or fertilisers for other molluscs or sea plants, in a circular way. Ports and cities can also contribute to the production of food in many other ways. For instance, the port of HAROPA-Paris (France), harvests honey in hives installed in its territory. In 2019 they collected more than 200 kg! It is also possible to produce food in the urban environment, as can be seen in Montreal (Canada), where we can find the biggest rooftop greenhouse. The company Lufa Farms has another four greenhouses in the city producing more than 100 varieties of fruit and vegetables.

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The importance of food and port cities


This years’ Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the Word Food Program for its efforts to end hunger and provide quality food. Port Cities play a key in the distribution of food for all, as we saw this week with the new agreement between the port of San Antonio (Chile) and the local fishermen collectives to support sustainable fishing techniques. The discussion about food will continue, particularly this week when FAO celebrates the World Food Day. There will be several events such as the Food Talks in Valencia (Spain), in Las Naves of La Marina.

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