Concrete ideas to become sustainable, the example of Porto Antico

 Energy transition and circular economy 

Porto Antico has developed several initiatives to make this part of Genoa (Italy) environmentally sustainable. The 1st action was to replace traditional lighting by LED, resulting in 60% energy savings. A new photovoltaic system also provides 10% of the area energy demand and electrifies the docks for mega-yachts, saving CO2 emissions. Other “smart city” solutions are carried out such as detail monitoring of energy and water consumption, or smart silicon glasses. Porto Antico also installed a Seabin device, gathering more than 500 kg per year of plastic waste from the water. Read the article to learn more (in Italian).

Industrial Technology

Port-City Instawalk: a new way for students to explore the port city

 Agenda 2030, Culture and identity 

Students in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) take pictures of the city and publish them on Instagram. They show a new perspective of port-city culture and identity. The assignment was part of the curriculum of the Minor in Port Management & Logistics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. This innovative approach to study port city, according to Maurice Jansen, responsible for the curriculum, has 3 main advantages:

  1. It is a good introduction for the students into the port and maritime industry,
  2. it is a new way to capture the tensions and creativity that emerges in the port-city interface,
  3. It triggers the curiosity of the students.

To see the results of the instawalks look for the following accounts in Instagram:

@zerotenmeetsportagain, @010porttour04, @projectofthings, @heartbour_instawalk, @crossways_EUR.

Linkedin Maurice Jansen

Promoting more sustainable mobility in Lisbon


The City of Lisbon (Portugal) thinks there is scope for more passenger transport on its river, the Tagus. The waterway offers a genuine, more flexible alternative for moving people and connecting the various urban centres on either bank, whether for tourism or commuting. The mayor has announced plans to introduce river taxis between Lisbon and Almada, and the new facility to be developed on the Terreiro do Paço site will also include new green spaces.

Transporte em revista

Promenade in the former port district of Kaoshiung (Taiwan)

 Port city interface 

Until the early 1990s, the Kaoshiung district, its docks and warehouses were off-limits to the public. With the high walls blocking the port from view, residents had little or no connection with their port. With the advent of modern container vessels, the port’s centre of gravity shifted and a number of spaces were freed up. There have been numerous developments on this site, some of them re-using certain warehouses. Others will be completed soon, such as the Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural & Pop Music Center. This new living space and promenade is also attracting cruise ships.

Taipei Times