Discovering literature’s masterpieces in Trieste and San Antonio

 Culture and identity 

From Hemingway, to Melville or Joseph Conrad, the maritime world has inspired many famous novels by well-known authors. Exploring this connection, the port of Trieste (Italy) has launched the initiative “Ti porto un libro”, as part of their #IORESTOACASAENAVIGO program. The port authority invited four contemporary authors to recommend four books inspired by the sea, and to read excerpts and record them in four port locations usually not accessible to the citizens. The four video stories have been published during the Christmas period and are available in Youtube. The sea has also inspired famous poets, like Neruda, as the first exhibition of the Sea Book Museum in San Antonio, Chile shows. The exhibition, the inaugural activity of this institution created by the port authority, is 100% virtual and is the result of the cooperation between Chilean and Italian organizations, a country with which the author also developed a special connection.

Port of Trieste, Youtube Channel, Portal Portuario, Exposición

Climate change: adapt to avoid exorbitant costs along coastlines

 Climate change 

A study by a Frankfurt-based group estimates the costs of natural disasters during 2020 at 210 billion dollars, emphasising the effects of rising sea levels in China and the Pacific Ocean. Coastlines are particularly affected. Unless they adopt energy transition measures, ports dependent on hydrocarbon traffic will be affected by a drop in their trade; Amsterdam (Holland) has taken the message to heart and wants to increase cargo movement by getting greener. For the sake of the associated cities, port-related traffic also needs to reduce hydrocarbon consumption to avoid both economic and ecological disaster: for example, in Lagos (Nigeria) congestion costs 55 million dollars every year, and the city government is now diversifying to reduce road traffic into the port. Other developing countries have already introduced initiatives to this end, for example a programme in Cotonou (Benin), in cooperation with AFD, which should be completed in 2021; or the coastal protection megaproject in the port of Khulna (Bangladesh), the second largest in the country (after Chittagong): the Bengali authorities consider that it is essential for the survival of the south-west of the country.

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Increasing the port community’s social engagement in Bilbao and Oslo


Many port companies have demonstrated during the covid-19 pandemic their social engagement with the local community. Now, the port authority of Bilbao (Spain) is launching a pioneer program, with the support of regional government, to support, coordinate and improve CSR actions of port companies. The program will count with the assistance of specialized consultants to better identify CSR actions and how to assess their performance in the first 6 months. At the same time, in Oslo (Norway), the port authority has launched a call for application to establish new agreements with organizations creating new activities for children and teenagers focused on communicating the maritime culture. The potential partners can receive financial support, free spaces for activities and promotion in the port authority’s several communication channels.

Port of Bilbao, Port of Oslo