New Port Center in Dunkirk

 Culture and identity 

Last Saturday, 4th of July, the Port Center of Dunkirk (France) opened its doors to public for the 1st time. The process started 2 years ago, with the support of the main partners, the Urban Community of Dunkirk, the Port Authority, ACMAPOR association (Association for the creation of a home for port life and traditions) and the Port Museum. The new Port Center is located in the Port Museum and its exhibition is based on 7 topics: the identity the port, ships, goods, men, territory, prospects and opening to the world. The new space with 240 sqm. will be main point for the port-city-citizen relationship.

Dunkerque Port Center

Port Cities and Universities working together

 Human capital 

Human Capital development is goal 5 of the AIVP Agenda 2030, and a priority for many members. The port of Venice will allocate €600k for the Ca’ Foscari University to create a study center focused on maritime and logistic activities. Part of the funding will also be dedicated to the new “Venice Science Gallery”. In Bahía Blanca, Argentina, the port has signed new agreements with the National Technological University (Bahía Blanca Regional Faculty), with whom we have already been working together, to develop new educational programs. In Algeciras, Spain, the city, the port and the university are working together for the creation of the European Sea University, in the Lago Marítimo project.

Nuova Venezia, Facebook (Bahía Blanca), El Estrecho Digital

Covid-19: solidarity continues in port cities

 Health and life quality 

While in some regions of the word the pandemic seems under control, in others the figures continue to grow. For that reason, port city actors operate differently, depending on the context. While in Europe, the focus is on the economic recovery and recognition of the impact of the covid-19 in our lives, as it is happening in an exhibition in Valencia, in others the direct struggle continues. For example, in the Caribbean region, where the Grand Port Maritime of Guadeloupe donated 12,000 masks to the University Hospital that will receive patients from neighbouring territories. Shortly, AIVP will publish an article reflecting on the impact of the covid-19 in port cities and the reaction of the local actors to fight it.

Spanish ports, Grand Port Maritime de la Guadeloupe

Smartport Challenge in Marseille (France) announces the winners of the 2nd edition. This initiative, jointly developed by the Port of Marseille, the Chamber of Commerce and the University includes 8 challenges reaching from emissions reduction, energy recovery from cruise’s wastewater or green mobile energy. The winner start-ups will now have 5 months to develop the solutions in cooperation with industry leaders.

CCI métropolitaine Aix-Marseille-Provence

Solidarity actions continue in port cities

 Health and life quality 

While in some world regions, the worst part of the Covid-19 seems to be in the past, with deconfinement already under way, in others it remains a serious threat. The solidarity actions from port city actors remain very relevant. In Chilean port cities of Valparaíso and San Antonio, the port authorities continue providing support to underprivilege groups or temporary workers. In Dublin (Ireland), the port authority delivered 500 care packs to seafarers, that have gone through difficult moments, remaining at sea far more than expected. In Trois Rivière (Canada), the port has announced a special donation to four NGOs active in the city-port interface during the pandemic.

Port of Valparaíso, Portal Portuario, Dublin Port, Port Trois-Rivières

Ports celebrate the international day of archives

 Culture and identity 

Usually rich in historic documents but often not so well known by the general public, port archives are gradually gaining more attention. Several ports have prepared special events and content to celebrate this day. The port of Barcelona (Spain), has prepared a guide to teach people to organize their own memories. The Archive of the port of Tarragona (Spain) also prepared special guided tours to show the public the relevance of their work. Port archives are a source of rich, historical content that can be disclosed and exhibit in innovative ways to establish a link with citizens, as the port of Dublin (Ireland) is doing with an attractive dedicated website and its director explains in this video.

Diario el Canal, Archives of Port of Tarragona, Port of Tarragona, Port of Dublin Archives, Video