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The Missions Charter of a Port Center, published in 2013 by the AIVP and the founding partners of the Port Center Network (PCN), defines in ten points the essential challenges and objectives of any Port Center.

  1. Explaining the port
  2. Promoting port-related trades and professions
  3. Projecting the port’s image
  4. Experiencing the real port
  5. Learning through Edutainment
  6. Adapting to the public
  7. Engaging the Port Community
  8. Developing a Port Center in synergy with people involved in the region’s heritage and culture
  9. Maintaining a neutrality – developing the spirit of a Port Culture Forum
  10. Assisting the sharing of experiences

Read the Missions Charter (pdf)

This innovative Charter has already been adopted in 16 port-cities which have a Port Center or a Port Center project:

  • Anvers Havencentrum Lillo – Belgium
  • Genoa Port Center – Italy
  • Livorno Port Center – Italy
  • Port Center du Havre – France
  • The Port and City of Montreal – Canada
  • Ashdod Visitor Center – Israel
  • The Port and City of Dublin – Ireland
  • Transnet National Ports Authority – South Africa
  • Port of Guadeloupe and its port city community – France
  • Port City of Lorient – France
  • Port Authority of Quebec – Canada
  • Vancouver Discovery Center – Canada
  • Port Authority of Brussels and Port Community of Brussels – Belgium
  • Port City Community of the Marseilles Territory – France
  • Municipality of Le Port, Reunion Port Authority and TCO, France
  • Port City Community Côte d’Azur, France

The Missions Charter of a Port Center is widely developing in the AIVP world-wide network of port-cities. It will accompany all those who are interested in opening their ports to the public, making young people aware of port-related professions and activities, and developing the emergence of a living port-city culture.

Download the charter:

Charte des Missions d’un Port Center (french version)
Missions Charter of a Port Center (english version)
Carta de las misiones de un Port center (spanish version)
La carta delle missioni di un Port Center (italian version)