Pursuing this objective of awareness and enhancement of port activities, Port Centers provide the public, initiated or not, with the possibility to discover, experience and understand better contemporary port activities. A space open to the widest public, it can cover subjects such as industrial port activities, the goods transported, international trade, the port professions or again the integration of the port with its city and many others.

Two elements are essential and common to the various Port Centers: an exhibition and educative activities. By presenting the diversity of the activities, their economic spin-offs for the territory and the potentialities in terms of employment for younger people, Port Centers have the vocation of explaining, educating and bringing together the port community and the citizens.

The Port Center is not only a “visitors” center with an exhibition. One of the main objectives consists in organizing port excursions/visits, port lectures and other port educational projects with a broad network in the port community (private and public stakeholders), schools and universities.



To learn more about the Port Center concept, you can download the 20 pages presentation :


The Port Center is an interface with a playful atmosphere between the port, the city and the citizens, where the port can communicate its missions, projects and associated careers.





Key messages

  • Create the link between citizens and their port, make people be proud of their port;
  • Develop the idea of a “ port citizen”;
  • Create a feeling of community, it should be a place which federates ideas and enables people to meet;
  • Present and explain the port, the industrialo-harbor trades in order to give birth to vocations and to share harbor values;
  • Establish a new long-lasting relationship between city and port;
  • Collaborate with the port community in order to develop on-site visits  and to enable confrontation with reality.