What is the Port Center Network?

Simultaneously to the second generation, the AIVP, with the support of other partners including the Port Center of Antwerp, the Port and the Province of Genoa, decided to create in 2011 the Port Center Network (PCN). This working group is focused in sharing the best practices related to the subject of port, city and citizen integration, and in promoting the concept. Since then, several Port Cities have adopted the Missions Charter of the Network, published in 2013, and contributed to its development. Besides the members, the Port Center Network also counts on the support of other sister organizations, like ESPO, AAPA, Contship, ASSOPORTI from Italy, IAPH and Puertos del Estado from Spain. Another important action of the Port Center Network is the organization of yearly meetings where innovations in the field are discussed. So far, four Citizen Port Meetings have been celebrated, in Ashdod in 2014, Dunkirk in 2015 and Antwerp in 2016. In 2017, the fourth Port Center Network meeting took place in Le Havre. The Port Center Network has also created an online database with existing projects to spread out the ideas being developed and inspire new approaches. This is a valuable resource for the ports and the cities interested in improving the port-city-citizen relation. In this database it is possible to find projects and initiatives from port-cities around the world.


The Port Center Network has the ambition to:

  • Federate and develop collaboration between the existing initiatives;
  • Giving a better visibility and promote Port Centers all over the world;
  • Introducing a more clear port city dimension in order to enhance their collaboration;
  • Offering a benchmark platform for new initiatives looking for successful experiences;
  • Make collaborate in a more proactive way citizen, port community and the academic world;
  • Get more interested the economic actors to participate and support.


The initiative has been blessed by other port networks such as:








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