24-25 October 2019 : 6th Citizen Port Meeting – Bilbao, Spain

The 6th Port Citizen workshop, held on 24 and 25 October 2019 in collaboration with the Bilbao Port Authority (Spain), was attended by over 50 people from ten different countries. Some of the participants run existing Port Centers, while others are looking at the possibility of opening new Port Centers in their cities. The event was an opportunity for all to share their experiences and practices.

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25 – 26 October 2018 : 5th Citizen Port Meeting of the AIVP – Genoa, Italy

A reduced PCN working group meeting brought together around thirty people from Europe and Canada. The meeting was officially hosted by Porto Antico, the Port Authority and the City of Genoa. Over a day and a half, a series of presentations were given by local stakeholders, with opportunity for debate and discussion, sharing of ideas, and field trips including a visit to the Port Center which recently re-opened to the public, plus the Città dei Bambini, the Galata Museum, and a research laboratory specialising in pioneering biomaterials.

Port Center projects continue to prove very popular with port city stakeholders. While some are still in the early stages of development, Port Centers are gradually establishing themselves as genuine, versatile resources for reconnecting city and port. Port Centers evolve differently from one port city to the next, and by sharing their experiences, the working group’s members allow each meeting to test the different solutions envisaged. The participants took the opportunity to debate a range of commonly faced issues. Funding arrangements in particular remain a key challenge.

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For receiving all presentations and outcomes of the working sessions please contact :  gmarini@aivp.org or cmonnet@aivp.org












28th of June 2017: 4th Citizen Port Meeting of the AIVP – Le Havre, France

Organized in partnership with the Port Club of the Fnau, the Agency of town planning of Le Havre and the Port Center of Le Havre, this meeting gathered together about forty delegates of France, of Italy, of Ireland and of the Netherlands. The discussions and presentations were focused on why and how to develop a sustainable city/port/citizen relationship through animation, information, education tools and Port Centers.




27 – 28 April 2016: 3rd Port Center Network Meeting of AIVP, Antwerp, Belgium

After Ashdod (Israel) in 2014 and Dunkirk (France) in 2015, the PortCenter Lillo of Antwerp (Belgium) welcomed us on Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 April 2016 for the Citizen Port Meetings with on-site visits, international presentations and exchanges of practices among AIVP members of the Port Center Network.

Review of the 3rd Citizen Port workshop, organised in partnership with the Antwerp Port Center, 27-28 April 2016 : Link towards article

For the full programme please visit the dedicated website : http://www.antwerp.aivp.org



08 – 09 April 2014: 1st Port Center Network Meeting of AIVP, Ashdod, Israel

The Port Center Network, a group of 15 people coming from Livorno, Riga, Genoa, Paris, Le Havre, Antwerp, Dunkirk and Haifa, met in Ashdod in order to exchange on best practices linked to social integration of ports and their relationship with citizens and youngsters.

The hosting partner, the Port Authority of Ashdod, has at this occasion organized a very rich program including on-site visits and presentations done by different port and city stakeholders.

The meeting also allowed the different participants to present their Port Center project already realized or under construction. Attention will be drawn more particularly on the following subjects : Business model of a Port Center, financing, reconciling port security and accessibility, best practices in promoting employment in the port towards young people, ideas for sharing of exhibition developments and other pedagogical projects

Finally, the meeting was the occasion for the Port of Ashdod to join officially the Port center Network by signing the Missions Charter of a Port Center.