Markus HESSE

Publié par  2 juin, 2015 1:22

Professeur d’etudes urbaines – Luxembourg
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Pourquoi l’etude des villes portuaires?: « Comme je suis géographe, je vois ici les fondamentaux de l’interaction des lieux et des flux, ce qui contribue à mieux comprendre l’évolution de nos villes. »

Markus Hesse is a Professor of urban studies at the University of Luxembourg, Faculty of Humanities. He has an academic background in geography and spatial planning, which are also his teaching domains. His research focuses on urban and regional development; mobilities, logistics and global flows; metropolitan policy and governance; and spatial discourses and identities. A particular emphasis in his research is placed on the relationship between science and practice in geography and spatial planning.
In the domain of logistics and transport, his research is currently focusing on port cities, against the background of a longer concern with the relationship between places (such as cities, regions) and flows, most notably freight flows. In this context, he was also part of the OECD-Programme on ‘The Competitiveness of Port Cities’, co-conducting the case study of Hamburg, Germany.
Markus Hesse is co-editor of the ‘Transport & Mobility’-book series published by Ashgate Publishers (with Professor em. Richard D. Knowles, University of Salford, UK) and has published widely on the results of his research. A recent volume titled ‘Cities, regions and flows’ (co-edited with Professor Peter V. Hall, Simon Fraser-University, Canada) was published in 2013 with Routledge Publishers, Oxford, UK.

Développement urbain et régional, gouvernance métropolitaine, la logistique et l’espace, l’identité urbaine, l’interface science-politique.