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February 25, 2021

Weekly Features

New examples of ways to move the city to the water
Port City interface
New examples of ways to move the city to the water

When it comes to addressing a lack of available space, moving the city to the water is one of the key strategies we have previously identified. Here are the latest examples of that strategy in action. Both come from Northern Europe. In Copenhagen (Denmark), floating pavilions were created in 2019 to provide new public spaces on the waterfront. In Amsterdam (Netherlands), the most recent addition to the city’s “Floating Village” was added in January, in the shape of a floating wooden house. The project aims to create Europe’s most sustainable floating community, thanks to measures such as using circular construction practices, recycling water, and creating space for biodiversity.

Lien   Copenhagen – Arch Daily (+ images, plans)
Lien   Amsterdam – Design Boom (+ images, plans)
Lien   Amsterdam – I29 Architects
A new innovation hub dubbed AS Fabrik emerges in Bilbao (Spain)
Human capital
A new innovation hub dubbed AS Fabrik emerges in Bilbao (Spain)

Bilbao AS Fabrik is a new innovation hub that was recently created in the redeveloped former industrial port district of Zorrotzaurre. It includes a university and a business and start-up incubator, designed to create a knowledge and innovation ecosystem dedicated to industry 4.0 and the digital economy. Some 80% of the funding for the project was provided by the European Union.

Lien   Euronews (+ images, video)
Lien   Innovaspain
New waterfront development in Saint John will connect with the port
Port City interface
New waterfront development in Saint John will connect with the port

The Fundy Quay site will be the missing piece of in Saint John’s (Canada) waterfront. The new development will create businesses, tourism experiences, housing stock, and outdoor spaces for residents and visitors. The project will finally start after all 3 levels of government, federal, provincial and municipal, agreed on a shared investment of $24 million to prepare the site for private investment, by removing contaminated soil, preparing the land for sea-level rise, and improving underground storm infrastructure. The new development will include new public spaces connecting to the adjacent Cruise Terminals from Port Saint John.

Lien   Government of New Brunswick
Lien   Port Saint John
Lien   CBC
Vaccinating against the Covid-19 in the ports of Chile, Singapore, and Portugal
Health and life quality
Vaccinating against the Covid-19 in the ports of Chile, Singapore, and Portugal

Chilean ports workers are among the first to receive the Covid-19 vaccine in their country. Since these professionals are considered part of the essential industrial activities for the country, they have been prioritized in the vaccination campaign. In all three AIVP members in Chile, the ports of San Antonio, Talcahuano and ValparaĂ­so already several thousands of workers have received the vaccine thanks to the cooperation between the national and local government and the port authorities. Chile is one of fastest countries to vaccinate its population, with almost 3 million persons until February 20th. Singapore is following a similar strategy, prioritizing the immunization of the maritime personnel. The cooperation between port and city for the vaccination campaigns is also proving fruitful in Portugal, where the port of Setubal will host a Covid-19 vaccination centre during 2021.

Lien   Mundo MarĂ­timo 1
Lien   Mundo MarĂ­timo 2 – San Antonio
Lien   Mundo MarĂ­timo 3 – ValparaĂ­so
Lien   Portal Portuario – Talcahuano
Lien   Municipalidad Talcahuano
Lien   The Maritime Executive – Singapore
Lien   Portos de Portugal – SetĂşbal
Port and city working together against the sea level rise in Rotterdam
Climate change
Port and city working together against the sea level rise in Rotterdam

The Netherlands is one of the countries most threatened by climate change and the sea level rise. For that reason, port and city of Rotterdam have reached new agreements to implement flood risk management in the port and industrial area, in the framework of the Rijnmond-Drechtsteden Delta Programme. The port areas are currently safe from high water levels since they were built between three to six metres above sea level and are partially protected by storm surge barriers. However, the port authority is working with the municipality and other public and private organizations in the “flood management adaptation strategy” programme to remain flood-resistant with new agreements with different stakeholders. One of the priorities is to raise awareness among the companies of the risks of climate change. The overall strategy will be concluded this year.

Lien   Port of Rotterdam – Agreement with the Municipality
Lien   Port of Rotterdam – Flood Risk Management
Organic aquaculture: the potential of port cities
Organic aquaculture: the potential of port cities

Without port cities, aquaculture would obviously be impossible. Nor would its transition to organic production. Organic aquaculture is built on a very specific economic model, focused on sustainability and improved income for local producers. That’s why fish farmers in Kenmare Bay (Ireland) opted to concentrate on organic salmon. The move turned out to be a wise one, as the benefits for the local community are now being held up as an example throughout the EU. Organic production is growing in response to certain quality standards, which require closer involvement by local producers. As such, it holds out good prospects for development for African countries. In the district of Ambilobe, organic “gamba” prawns are set to be farmed for the first time anywhere in the world, generating sustainable local jobs. So prized are these particular prawns, they are known as “pink gold”! It is a similar story in Caxito (Angola), where fish farming is seen as a driver of local employment for port communities. But aquaculture is not just about fish: plants can also be grown in the sea! In Lüdewitz (Namibia), the town is moving into the new industry of kelp production. A start-up named Kelp Blue is set to open the world’s first kelp farm there.

Lien   Euronews
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Casablanca: the advantage of the City Port
Port City interface
Casablanca: the advantage of the City Port

A highly ambitious development programme is currently under way in Casablanca’s port district. The challenge is to gradually transform this interface with the city, and its obsolete port functions, into a vibrant living space and a major international destination. But how? The question goes to the heart of Goal 8 of the AIVP 2030 Agenda, which is why were keen to talk to Mr Imad BARRAKAD, CEO of SMIT, the Moroccan Agency for Tourism Development

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At a Glance

Human capital
Investing in Human Capital in Leixões, Portugal. The Port Authority presented the new Training Plan 2021 (PDF), including its new Full Mission Bridge Simulator. The Training Plan includes professional training actions and seminars, and internships.
Lien   Port of Leixões
Lien   Port of Leixões – Training Plan 2021 (PDF)
Lien   Port of Leixões – Full Mission Bridge Simulator (Video)
Culture and identity
City hall of Bilbao (Spain) extends its support to the Itsas Museum, with a €250,000 grant for the Museo Marítimo Ría de Bilbao Foundation. The Itsas Museum hosts the Port Center of Bilbao where the PCN Meeting of 2019 took place.
Lien   Bilbao Municipality
Lien   Itsas Museum
Lien   Port Center Network Meeting in Bilbao
Climate change
Nature-based solutions for climate change resilience in San Diego (USA). The port will develop a Native Oyster Living Shoreline Project that will increase shoreline resilience while supporting local biodiversity.
Lien   Port of San Diego
Port City interface
Malaga (Spain): go-ahead for a new marina for megayachts at Pier One. There are also plans for a luxury restaurant on the site.
Lien   EuroWeekly news
Lien   La Razon
Port City interface
Newly installed street lamps in Yokohama (Japan) directly reference the city’s maritime history
Lien   Archinect (+ images)
Energy transition and circular economy
“EuraĂ©nergie”, an innovation park for the energy transition and circular economy, will open at Dunkirk’s Pier 2 in 2023
Lien   Le Moniteur, 5 fĂ©vier 2021
Culture and identity
In Xuhui (China), the second floor of the new ferry terminal is open to the public and provides views over the river
Lien   Shine

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