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2 september 2021

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What is the best way to store hydrogen for the port without encroaching on the city?
Energy transition and circular economy
What is the best way to store hydrogen for the port without encroaching on the city?

There is no doubt that hydrogen could cause a revolution as a new marine fuel. Nevertheless, some practical questions arise, which have repercussions for port-city relations. Experts at Lloyd’s Register explain that the energy potential of hydrogen is between 2 and 4 times less concentrated than in hydrocarbons. Larger stocks will therefore have to be held. This will require additional land on which to install appropriate tanks, as well as buffer zones given the hazards associated with this product. Bearing in mind the prevailing pressure on real estate in large cities, obtaining new sites would appear to pose a problem. The solution proposed by the Port of Rotterdam (Holland), Mitsubishi, Koole Terminals and Chiyoda looks promising: re-use existing infrastructure! We will give new life to old bulk liquid terminals. To allow this to happen, the hydrogen will have to be stored in the form of MCH (Methylcyclohexane) rather than its “classic” form. A process called “SPERA Hydrogen” was tested in 2020 on an inaugural voyage between Japan and Brunei.

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Rosario (Argentina): renovation of the Puerto Norte Hotel
Port City interface
Rosario (Argentina): renovation of the Puerto Norte Hotel

The pandemic set back the renovation of the luxury Puerto Norte Hotel and its restaurant. Created in converted silos, it is one of the emblematic buildings of the port city operation in the Puerto Norte sector, as those who took part in the AIVP Post Conference in 2010 discovered. The Puerto Norte operation is in turn a model for the project programmed in San Lorenzo, a city located 23 km north of Rosario on the banks of the Paraná River. The plans include residential areas, offices and shops. The site will be completed by a new promenade and recreational public spaces, offering the city’s inhabitants a modified landscape and a new attraction.

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Rio de Janeiro: Brazil Maritime Museum awarded
Culture and identity
Rio de Janeiro: Brazil Maritime Museum awarded

More than 191 teams submitted proposals to the competition organisers, a great success which also demonstrates the degree of interest in this Maritime Museum project. The winning team, coordinated by Rodrigo Quintella Messina, a Brazilian architect and city-planner, made use of the proximity of the site to water and the port imaginary to present their project as a common space which will bring future visitors together despite cultural differences. The Museum will be yet another element in a cultural complex that already contains five cultural facilities.

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Helping port city communities to fulfill their potential through education.
Human capital
Helping port city communities to fulfill their potential through education.

It is crucial to invest in the development of the local community to maintain a sustainable port-city relationship. One example of this is the case of the port of Dublin (Ireland), that has launched the 2021 edition of its scholarship programme to provide opportunities for individuals living in the port to pursue their educational path. Another option is partnering up with local institutions as it happens in San Antonio (Chile), where the port authority signed an agreement with the Science Park to work together in the development of educational activities for local children and teenagers. The program will include courses technical courses for young adults. These kinds of agreements can also help develop the human capital in the port community, as the one it shows the new convention signed by the port of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and the Transport Safety Board (JST) for training and technical assistance.

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Unveiling port heritage in Lisbon (Portugal) and Riga (Latvia)
Culture and identity
Unveiling port heritage in Lisbon (Portugal) and Riga (Latvia)

Two new projects in north and south Europe will facilitate the access to maritime heritage and create new knowledge. In Riga, the port authority is launching new virtual tours for the Miķeļbāka, Kolka and Irbe lighthouses. The tours are designed by combining various panoramic photos and will also include historical and interesting audio stories. This initiative is part of the Digital Port project of the Port of Riga implemented last year and will be concluded in the autumn of 2022. In Lisbon, a new project named “Almada” has been launched to study the legacy of Almada Negreiros’ mural painting, one of the key figures of the avant-garde and modernism in Portugal. Among the sites to be studied are the murals in maritime stations of Alcântara and Rocha do Conde de Óbidos. The project is a collaboration of the Port of Lisbon with the Universities of Evora and Nova of Lisbon and the Directorate-General of Cultural Heritage.

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At a Glance

Sustainable mobility
Tangiers (Morocco): new call for tenders for a 2-kilometre cable car to link the port to the city in 2024
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Agreement between the Port and City of La Spezia (Italy): the Calata Paita area will be returned to the city for reconversion to urban use
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Culture and identity
The Port of Coruna (Spain) launches an exhaustive inventory of the heritage structures on port land
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Energy transition and circular economy
Cape Town (South Africa) is to produce 450MW of renewable energy, the first project in the country by a local group.
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Energy transition and circular economy
The port of Corpus Christi (USA) is to convert an old oil refinery into a production unit for decarbonised hydrogen.
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Port City interface
Dakhla Atlantic (Morocco) plans to set up a new port-industrial zone covering 1650 hectares, and a major fishing terminal.
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Port City interface
Port of San Antonio signs an agreement with local organization for the use of land for the seafood market.
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Barcolana Sea Summit in Trieste (6-9 October 2021): New event supported by the port authority to discuss Blue Economy, protection of the sea and circular economy in port cities.
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