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7 october 2021

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Port Improvement Charter for Paris (France): A renewed commitment for port integration
Port Improvement Charter for Paris (France): A renewed commitment for port integration

HAROPA, the municipality of Paris and the private sector renew the Port Improvement Charter (CAP – Charte d’AmĂ©lioration des Ports), strengthening their commitment for the environmental protection and the integration of the port in the territory. The CAP was first signed in 2017 to engage all stakeholders in a continuous improvement process and facilitate the exchange of good practices. There is a yearly audit of the sites where these practices are been implemented to assess the evolution and propose action plans when necessary. The 2021 edition of the CAP includes stricter requirements, new audit criteria, including unannounced inspections by HAROPA, and an online map to disclose the results, increasing the transparency of the assessment.

AIVP members celebrate the port city culture and identity
Culture and identity
AIVP members celebrate the port city culture and identity

Intense weekend in port cities all over the world to share the maritime culture with the citizens. The Italian Port Days was celebrated in many port cities, with an emphasis on gender equality. In Taranto, Saturday was even more special for the launching of the new Port Center, with the virtual presence of AIVP. In Dublin, Ireland, the new play The Book of Names was premiered in the Pumphouse during the Dublin Theatre Festival. During the weekend was also possible to enjoy tours of the port in the Open House Dublin event. In a similar way, in Bahía Blanca (Argentina), the port authority continues with its program Puerto Cultural, welcoming the citizens in the port with different events. Finally, one of the challenges with such intense event programs is to have a coherent approach to reinforce the maritime identity of the territory. The Port Center of Lorient is tackling this challenge with the new label “Les Rendez-vous de la Mer”, also creating a feeling of belonging and pride among the actors of the maritime world.

Lien   Assoporti
Lien   Porto of Taranto – Open Port
Lien   Dublin Port Company – The Book of Names
Lien   Dublin Open House
Lien   Puerto de BahĂ­a Blanca
Lien   Lorient Port Center
“Living Breakwaters”, New York: protecting the city, promoting biodiversity
“Living Breakwaters”, New York: protecting the city, promoting biodiversity

Work has begun on the construction of these new breakwaters off Staten Island. Designed by the landscape architects Scape, they will offer protection for the coastline and the city, while providing a new habitat for oysters and other marine wildlife.

Lien   Archpaper
Lien   Scape studio – Living Breakwaters (+ images)
Liverpool (UK): Canning Dock contract winners announced
Culture and identity
Liverpool (UK): Canning Dock contract winners announced

National Museums Liverpool’s had organised a competition for a new design for Canning Dock, a site used in the transatlantic slave trade in the 18th century. It is part of a ten-year strategy aimed at transforming Liverpool’s waterfront between the Royal Albert Dock and Mann Island. The frontage of the existing International Slavery Museum will be completely overhauled. Two dry docks will host educational and cultural activities. The project also includes plans for new spaces and recreational promenades, public art, and more.

Lien   World architecture (+ images)
Lien   Deezen (+ images)
WHO report on air pollution: what are the implications for port cities?
Health and life quality
WHO report on air pollution: what are the implications for port cities?

The guide recently published by the WHO contains some worrying news. The report identifies six polluting gases, including nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and fine particulates, emitted in large quantities by maritime shipping. With marine air pollution responsible for a part of the respiratory illnesses diagnosed every year, it is time to take more decisive action. The “transition strategy for the maritime industry” unveiled on 25 October by Maersk, through its Zero Carbon Shipping foundation, looks to be essential. If we continue on our current trajectory, the maritime transport industry’s carbon footprint will double by 2050, rising from 3% to 8% of global emissions, whereas other sectors will be reducing their own emissions.

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Lien   Zero Carbon Shipping
Lien   World Health Organization


ECOncrete®: concrete that enhances biodiversity
ECOncrete®: concrete that enhances biodiversity

ECOncrete has just joined the AIVP network. This company offers innovative concrete technology solutions for marine infrastructures: they not only provide superior structural performance, but also store carbon and enhance biodiversity. We were delighted to discuss with them.

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At a Glance

Climate change
Chile: Navy and state port companies establish first joint national agenda to address effects of climate change
Lien   Puerto ValparaĂ­so – Armada
Climate change
Ports of Algeciras (Spain) and Livorno (Italy) earn awards recognizing their efforts for sustainable development.
Lien   Port Algeciras – Europasur
Lien   Port of Livorno
Agricultural innovation fund of the Port of Antwerp (Belgium) supports nine projects in the context of nature-inclusive agriculture, that support local biodiversity.
Lien   Port of Antwerp
Port City interface
The Port of Long Beach (USA) has launched a call for projects for public spaces and parks to serve as buffer zones between the port and city (deadline is 15 Oct.)
Lien   Parks and Open Space Concept Paper Application Form
Port City interface
Duisburg (Germany): Herzog & de Meuron has designed an extension of the MKM Museum housed in former silos and warehouses
Lien   ArchDaily (+ images, plans)
Lien   Wallpaper (+ images)
In Baltimore (USA), the National Aquarium is creating floating wetland areas in the Inner Harbor to promote biodiversity and improve water quality
Lien   Maryland matters
Energy transition and circular economy
Mauritania: green hydrogen from wind and solar power, a first in Africa?
Lien   Afrik 21
A new terminal at the port of Colombo (Sri Lanka), part of the strategy adopted by Adani Ports
Lien   Splash 247
Sustainable mobility
Melbourne (Australia): a new rail link to reduce congestion in the city caused by the port
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