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Port City Insights: This weekly strategic monitoring service on City Port news is reserved for you as a member of the AIVP

Edition of 18 April 2024

Port City Insights: This weekly strategic monitoring service on City Port news is reserved for you as a member of the AIVP

The AIVP World Conference on Cities and Ports is the flagship event for all those involved in the development of port cities throughout the world. Once again, this year, we invite you to join us to explore the current and future challenges facing port cities and to find innovative solutions to address them. Registration for the conference is now open! The advantageous Early Bird rates are currently available, only until 31st of July 2024. Members – EARLYBIRD: €940 excluding VAT Non-members – EARLYBIRD: €1220 excluding VAT Residents of Portugal & Portuguese-speaking countries*: €840 excluding VAT *Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Timor-Leste (East Timor), Cape Verde (Cabo Verde), São Tomé and Príncipe


Weekly Features

Port of Venice is connecting people with the lagoon
Culture and identity
Port of Venice is connecting people with the lagoon

The Port Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea (Italy) has signed an agreement with various partners for a 3-year collaboration focused on developing a culture of hospitality capable of transmitting the values of respect for the city and protection of the lagoon.  The intention is to create a new sustainable tourism model through training, transmission of information and skills to and from the managers of accommodation facilities, and the design of paths to accompany work in the hospitality sector. It needs to be clear that Venetian hospitality is closely linked to the lagoon in which it is situated. The Port Authority has also unveiled the “Arena for a Tree” art installation, which will allow the public to be able to approach the lagoon and reflect on the importance of their surrounding environment.

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OECD publishes report on Blue Economy with the support of AIVP
OECD publishes report on Blue Economy with the support of AIVP

Building on a global survey of 80+ cities, regions and basins, the report entitled “The Blue Economy in Cities and Regions – A Territorial Approach”, highlights the costs and benefits of the blue economy at subnational level, shedding light on the link between the blue economy and water security. This analysis provides an overview of the multi-level governance of the blue economy and related gaps. It calls on cities and regions to develop resilient, inclusive, sustainable and circular (RISC-proof) blue economies by establishing the right governance conditions related to policy making, policy coherence and policy implementation. The report concludes with a RISC Assessment Framework that offers a self-evaluation tool for subnational governments. AIVP, among other organizations, has supported this work, being active in the disclosure of the survey and providing a port-city perspective.

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European ports to create a medium-sized port network
European ports to create a medium-sized port network

The Ports of Riga (Latvia), Cartagena (Spain), Trieste and Monfalcone (Italy) and the ports of the North Sea (Belgium, Netherlands) have signed a declaration of cooperation to create the Association of Four Sea Ports. This medium-sized European port network aims to share knowledge, experience, and best practices in the sector of energy, environmental and sustainable port management. The association is also expecting to attract fundings and take part in European projects. In addition, the ports will strengthen their competitiveness by easing the flow of cargo between them.

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Press release – AIVP World Conference
Press release – AIVP World Conference

Lisbon, Portugal – 15th of April, 2024 – The International Association Cities and Ports (AIVP) is proud to announce the hosting of the World Conference Cities and Ports, which will take place from November 27th to 29th, 2024 in Lisbon, Portugal, under the presidency of Edouard PHILIPPE, Mayor of Le Havre (France). This significant event, themed “Open Piers: Steering flows between people, planet, and port cities”, will bring together experts, decision-makers, and key stakeholders from around the world to explore the challenges and opportunities related to the relationship between port cities and their environment.

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At a Glance

San Antonio (Chile) and its port participated in a public training on wildlife protection and rehabilitation in Llolleo Lagoons
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Harwich Port (UK) expansion is accompanied by the creation of a 117-hectare wildlife sanctuary, with viewing platforms and footpaths for visitors
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Climate change
The port of Barcelona (Spain) will host a floating desalination plant to combat the draught affecting the region.
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