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International Port City News

21 october 2021

International Port City News

Mr. Edouard Philippe, Mayor of Le Havre and former Prime Minister of France will join the next Port & City Days by AIVP in Brussels the 25th et 26th of November for the high-level round table of the first day, focusing on the Energy Transition. Ms. Karima Delli will be able to tell us more on the continental strategies, from her position as Chair of the Transport and Tourism Committee of the EU parliament, and Mr. Mario Cordero, Chairman of the American Association of Port Authorities, will be explain the perspective of the USA ports on the same problems. Indeed, energy has been one of the key topics of the past years and months. How are port city leaders seeing this transition? Are the policies presented by the EU and the different governments enough? What challenges do they still see? Come to find out the answers!

Discover here the programme of the event

Weekly Features

Smart Port City innovation in Montreal, Leixões, and Hamburg
Human capital
Smart Port City innovation in Montreal, Leixões, and Hamburg

Innovation can be encouraged in many ways. One example is to cooperate with local university as the port of Montreal (Canada) is doing with ÉTS École de technologie supérieure. The port just launched the 6th Smart Port Challenge, in which the best students’ team to design a truck entry complex for the new port expansion project will earn $10, 000 in scholarships. Another option is to establish strategic partnerships, as the port of Leixões is doing with NOS, a leading telecommunication company. The agreement will transform Leixões into the first 5G port in Portugal, for example, allowing the use of drones to monitor risk manoeuvres in real time. Other cases, like Hamburg (Germany), are developing innovation campus, such as homePORT, that will allow port stakeholders to test and develop new technologies. During the next Port & City Days in Brussels we will host a roundtable focusing on port city innovation ecosystems.

Lien   Port Montreal
Lien   Port of Leixões
Lien   homePORT Hamburg
H2VLC: Valencia Green Hydrogen Valley preparing the energy transition
Energy transition and circular economy
H2VLC: Valencia Green Hydrogen Valley preparing the energy transition

The port city of Valencia (Spain) wants to become an energy transition hub. The Municipality, Regional government, Valencia Port Foundation and University have launched the H2VLC program – Valencia Green Hydrogen Valley, to promote green hydrogen in the logistics and transport sectors. The project, involving more than 30 companies and 5 research centres, will mobilise more than 160 million € for 21 projects, including new infrastructures for green hydrogen or the acquisition of urban and industrial logistics transport vehicles powered by green hydrogen. In the meantime, the port will install a hydrogen supply station in January and has launched an open innovation challenge to get energy from renewable sources, initiatives connected to the H2Ports and Blue Deal projects respectively. The energy transition will be the topic of the high-level roundtable of the AIVP Port & City Days in Brussels.

Lien   FundaciĂłn Valenciaport
Lien   Valenciaport
Lien   Blue Deal Med
CorporaciĂłn Puerto Madero earns First Prize of the Gubbio 2021 awards
Port City interface
CorporaciĂłn Puerto Madero earns First Prize of the Gubbio 2021 awards

The City of Buenos Aires has been distinguished for the Parques del Bajo project, developed by AIVP member, Corporación Puerto Madero (CPM). The jury of the Gubbio Award highlighted the Urban Memory presented by CPM for the project that completes the strategic urban operation of Paseo del Bajo and Puerto Madero’s plan. This project consolidates the articulation between the city and the river, with emphasis on the civic-historic axis. The historical restitution of public green spaces carries great emblematic value due to their proximity to the city’s Central Area. We have highlighted this project as a good practice for sustainable mobility, and discussed it several times in interviews with CPM and the Port of Buenos Aires.

Lien   ClarĂ­n – Buenos Aires
Lien   AIVP – Buenos Aires (Argentina) cuenta con un nuevo corredor, más fluido y más seguro
Lien   AIVP – Puerto Madero: La buena calidad de los nuevos espacios pĂşblicos promueve la movilidad a pie y en bicicleta
Lien   AIVP – ConexiĂłn Puerto-Ciudad en Buenos Aires: Las obras viales como factor de integraciĂłn y convivencia urbana
Belfast aims for carbon neutrality with the City Quays Gardens
Belfast aims for carbon neutrality with the City Quays Gardens

This new public space will combine the site’s maritime heritage with green spaces to promote biodiversity. The stated aim is to achieve environmental excellence and obtain “One Planet Living” accreditation. The project is part of the Port of Belfast’s target of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. It is being developed in collaboration with the City of Belfast and the Maritime Belfast Trust. A public consultation has also been launched.

Lien   Belfast Harbour
Lien   City Quays Gardens (+ images, plans, vidĂ©os)
The “Halles Alstom” redevelopment continues on the Ile de Nantes (France)
Port City interface
The “Halles Alstom” redevelopment continues on the Ile de Nantes (France)

Halls 4 and 5 have housed the School of Fine Arts since 2017. A university centre dedicated to Digital Culture also opened in 2019, in Hall 6. Three labs (Manufacturing Lab, Experience Lab, Digital Learning Lab) were officially opened there in September. The eastern part of Hall 6 is also occupied by a business centre for creative and digital industries. Having been disrupted by the health crisis, redevelopment work on Halls 1 and 2 has now resumed. A Food Hall housing around a dozen dining areas is also set open in the summer of 2022, while the Creative Factory is due to open for cultural and creative industries by the end of 2022.

Lien   Halle 6 Ouest – Labs
Lien   Halle 6 Est
Lien   Halle 6 Est, HĂ´tel d’entreprises
Lien   Halles 1 & 2 – Food Hall
Lien   Halles 1 & 2 – Creative factory

At a Glance

Health and life quality
The Port Authority of Las Palmas (Spain) prepares the electrification of the commercial dock of Puerto del Rosario to reduce night noises at berth.
Lien   Palmas Port
Culture and identity
“Share You Port Experience” Photo competition in social media to share the port experience in Durban (South Africa)
Lien   Twitter
Climate change
New port sustainability reports available in Vancouver (Canada) and ValparaĂ­so (Chile).
Lien   Port of Vancouver
Lien   Port of Valparaiso
Energy transition and circular economy
The City of Paris wants to make the “Maison de Canaux” renovation project a model for the circular economy, with zero waste and recycled or biosourced materials.
Lien   Batiactu
Port City interface
The Port of Algeciras (Spain) is making changes to the lighting at Tarifa dock to reduce energy use and mitigate its visual impact on the local historic heritage
Lien   El Estrecho digital
Port City interface
The Port of Los Angeles announces a 4 million dollar plan to develop sports and leisure facilities on the waterfront
Lien   Daily Breeze

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