:The Port of Algeciras Bay Authority (APBA) manages the ports of Algeciras Bay and Tarifa, being a public organization that belongs to the Department of Public Works & Transport, with its own legal status and assets, and full capacity to act. Located at the Strait of Gibraltar, with zero deviation from the major maritime lanes, Port of Algeciras Bay ranks 1st in total throughput within the Spanish Ports System and 4th in the European Union, with 109.4 million tonnes managed during 2019. The activity associated with this traffic and that of goods moved makes these ports fundamental actors in the economic and social development of the territory. Additionally, its policy of port-city integration and improvement of the quality of life in its surroundings is gaining more and more prominence on the strategic map of this institution. In 2019 the Port Authority signed the accession to the 2030 Agenda. Thus working on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the context of port cities, to help port and urban actors to create plans and projects that contribute to sustainable development in port-city relations. To this end, the APBA maintains and strengthens its environmental management systems, based on the most demanding models on an international scale, such as the UNE - EN ISO 14001 Standard, the Port Environmental System (PERS) established by the ESPO (European Sea Ports Organisation) and the EMAS Regulation. An example of this is the project, in which the APBA, together with the City Council of Algeciras, is immersed in order to transform part of its coastline and the port city facade, carrying out a comprehensive action called “Algeciras Maritime Lake” project. This will constitute a landscape route, substantiated by its immediacy to the sheet of water, integrating the architectural solutions adopted in this sense in the global landscape route and the new Port Center and Port Museum of the Strait.



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