:Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality home to the only river port in Southern Africa, is located on the eastern seaboard of South Africa. The city plays a pivotal role for trade, industry, culture and tourism. The prosperity of the area is built on the automotive sector, led by Mercedes Benz. Other industries include agriculture, electronics, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, confectionary and textiles. The city’s thriving Industrial Development Zone (IDZ) is in easy access to the port. The Port, home to the famous Dolos and a symbol of local pride, is a catalyst to the city’s economic growth. It provides cost-effective access to international markets creating modern motor-vehicle, container, grain, ship-repair and liquid-bulk infrastructure. It is a growing destination for cruise tourism. Recently, an MOU signed between the Metro, Port and IDZ, showed commitment to joint development of the city. The port expansion and upgrade of the waterfront at Latimer’s Landing will kickstart this initiative.



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