:The Grand Port Maritime de la Martinique, Martinique Hub Caraïbes, manage both Bellefontaine and Fort-de-France ports. The Fort-de-France harbour is characterized by its direct access to the main town (Fort-de-France). This confers the territory some real asset for tourists welcoming. Besides, situated at only 8 km from Aimé Césaire International airport. Furthermore, the port presents very favorable nautical conditions including for big ships because particularly protected from the swell and from the wind. The seaport is in capacity to handle at the same time traffic goods, passengers and naval repairing thanks to these recent major infrastructures with efficient technical characteristics in comparison to the other Caribbean competitors. Noticeably throughout important modernisation of both containers terminal of pointe des grives in 2003 and his extension of 2ha in 2016, and the Harbor station in 2010. Above that, it includes a 14 meter draft, 3 gantries of a 40 ton capacity and also possesses especialized landing stages (hydrocarbons, cereal). Gradually, The Seaport develop infrastructures and welcoming shelters to compete with regional competition.