:Rouen, a regional capital with a rich history, is a maritime port on the river Seine, capable of accommodating ships with a draught of up to 11.70 meters. As a multi-traffic and multimodal estuary port, HAROPA Port de Rouen is West Europe's biggest port for the export of cereals (7.6 million tons in 2018), France's number one port for the food industry, the third biggest French port for refined oil products, and one of the country's leading ports for paper and forestry products. The port of Rouen plays a major role in the economic development of the city and its territory, being responsible for some 18,300 jobs, either directly through port activities or indirectly through the network of port industries (figures for port industries from Rouen to Honfleur for 2015). The wealth generated by the port totals some 2 billion euros annually. Finally, this port is committed to rehabilitating port spaces, notably in Rouen city centre with the 'Espace des Marégraphes' and the left bank next to the future Rouen Flaubert district.

HAROPA PORT DE ROUEN – Port de Honfleur


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