:The Brittany Region is a local authority of 83 elected representatives, involved in many fields: education and training, transport, economic development, town and country planning, environment, culture, sport... Since 2007, it has been the port authority for the ports of Brest, Lorient and Saint Malo, to which were added Concarneau, Roscoff and St Brieuc-Légué, together with ports with connections to Breton islands (totalling 22 ports), in January 2017 The ports of Brittany recorded 7,305 tons freight traffic in 2019. St Malo and Roscoff are ferry terminals. The Brittany Region invests heavily in infrastructures and quality service; as such, 220 million euros are dedicated to the development of the port of Brest.

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Lorient (Francia): todos los actores se movilizan en torno al Port Center

En Lorient, el Espace des Sciences / Maison de la mer ha desarrollado desde hace […]