:France’s oldest city, founded 2600 years ago by Phocaean sailors, Marseille has been a crossroads between Europe and the Mediterranean since ancient times, and has a strong tradition as a hub of exchanges. Inextricably linked to the foundation and development of the City itself, the port of Marseille is France’s leading port, and has long been one of the region’s foremost economic engines. Today, around 43,500 jobs depend on it, and the metropolitan area of Marseille alone accounts for half of all jobs connected to the port. The port’s activity, and the maritime economy more generally, offer formidable potential for local development. Over the coming years, the City of Marseille, accompanied by the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille (GPMM) and its partners, will pursue an ambitious strategy to promote cooperation and the economic attractiveness of the Euro-Mediterranean region, working to create jobs, innovate and integrate the City with the Port.