:Capital of the Spanish Basque country, Bilbao (345,821 inhabitants) was a major industrial and logistics hub, linked to the iron mines that surrounded the city. The global crisis of the 1970’s and 1980’s hit hard Bilbao’s traditional industry, and the city suffered a severe economic, social and environmental crisis. During the 1990’s the Basque Country undertook a transformation process that transformed its tissue relocated its factories to rural areas, while the city shifted its economic model from heavy industry to advanced services, and undertook extensive public works projects that recovered industrial land for the use of the citizens, including public transportation facilities, parks, sport centres, theatres and museums, perhaps more famously, Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum. After the finalization of this first stage that reclaimed the industrial plots and cleansed the city, during the 2010’s Bilbao started attracting new business activities and universities, recovering its past economic and knowledge leadership.



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Bilbao (España): de “Conoce tu Puerto” a la creación de un “Port Center by AIVP”

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