:Reunion Island’s only port, the Municipality of Le Port, founded on 22nd April 1895, is the smallest with a surface area of 1,660 hectares. However, it contains the island’s two commercial port facilities: the port of Pointe-des-Galets (1886) and the new port (1986). Over time, this maritime town has leveraged its heritage. The town’s urban planning department has given lengthy thought to building a town that has character, developing an environment that respects popular lifestyles, promoting green spaces, and offering local public services, quality healthcare and amenities for local residents. For decades, the urban landscape has developed into a network of venues and resources devoted to sport, artistic creation, training and research. Le Port continues to make history by rehabilitating its seafront, 126 years after the unveiling of the port of Pointe-des-Galets. "Merging Town & Port", "Mail de l’Océan" and "Back harbor area"; programs has been launched to connect the town and the port and to turn the town into a marine-friendly city.



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Le Port (La Reunión – Francia): el proyecto Ciudad Puerto toma forma

El ambicioso proyecto de la ciudad de Le Port consiste en unir el puerto antiguo […]

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