Con motivo del Día Internacional de la Mujer, que se celebra el 8 de marzo, la AIVP pidió a las mujeres de su red de expertos que dieran su opinión en una breve frase para compartirla en las redes sociales. Esto es lo que dijeron.

quote about women in ports by Marie-Eve LEMIEUX
Being a women, in a maritime industry: it is being a member of the crew : if I may use the image; whereas it takes a village to raise a child it takes a crew to bring a vessel at safe arrival.
quote about women in ports by Marie-Eve LEMIEUX
“Being a young women, in an executive position in environment in the maritime industry / port-city, is a thriving place to be : it brings the very notion of care, sense of community, enhancement, responsibility and team work.“
quote about women in ports by Geraldine KNATZ
“You own two things - your name and your integrity. Use one arm to climb the ladder of success and use the other arm to pull a woman up behind you.”
quote about women in ports by Geraldine KNATZ
“Ports are a technological wonder of extreme engineering hidden in plain sight.”
quote about women in ports by Hilda GHIARA
“In ports, as elsewhere, women can bring courage. And it is precisely a beautiful port film* that reminds us "courage is understanding one's own life, it is clarifying it, deepening it, establishing it, and yet coordinating it with the general life".”
“Igualdad y singularidades son las dos palabras que me vienen en mente. Igualdad por los derechos y Singularidades por el rol que la mujer ha tenido históricamente en la transmisión cultural e identitaria, dos aspectos fundamentales del pasado, presente y futuro de una ciudad portuaria.”
Quote about women in ports by Carola HEIN
“When we look at maritime practices and port cities through history, we see a largely male world. There have been some changes, but there is still a lot of work to be done in the port city and maritime world and AIVP can play a key role in promoting and establishing gender equality.”