:Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, a region of Spain where culture, personality and traditions are particularly strong. Barcelona in 2012 has 1.6 million inhabitants which makes it the second biggest city of Spain after Madrid. The organisation of the 1992 Olympic Games, in addition to the sporting events, enabled an urban project profoundly modifying the geography of Barcelona to be carried out with the creation of beaches and yacht harbours in the city, the doubling of the size of the airport, and above all the renovation of the oldest part of the port, "Port Vell", and its adjacent districts. Agencia Barcelona Regional (Barcelona Regional Agency) was created in 1993 by public sector institutions and companies, to serve as a technical entity that interacts and cooperates with the various agents active in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area. The Agency is directly managed by its members. Its principal function is to provide specialized support services to members companies and other entities involved in urban planning and development, environmental services and infrastructure.