:Brest métropole, the urban community of Brest (210,000 inhabitants) in an urban area of 400 000 inhabitants. It hosts a trade port but is also the 1st civilian and naval French ship repair centre and the 2nd French naval base. It is a major port of services. One of the world top marine research centre, Brest hosts the major units of the French hydrographic and oceanographic research fleet. It is also a major place in Europe for maritime safety. The maritime prefecture of Brest, in charge of the French EEZ surveillance between Bayonne and St Michel mount, hosts the national centre for combatting marine pollution - with 4 big specialised rescue ships (of which one of the EMSA) -   and maritime traffic surveillance. Brest also hosts the ship in charge of submarine cables repairing in Atlantic France. Two morrow it should welcome the national French centre for maritime cybersecurity.