:The Republic of Mozambique is located on the east coast of Africa, being limited to the North by the Republic of Tanzania, to the south by the South African Republic, to the west by the republics of Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Swaziland, and to the east by the Indian Ocean. Maputo, the capital of the Republic of Mozambique, is located in the southern end of the country, being the second most populous city in the country, contributing about 20% of the nation's GDP. It is also the gateway to almost every investment the country receives. The municipality of Maputo (MM) has an area of 308 Km2 and a population that fluctuates between 2.3 million habitants during the night and 1.2 million during the day, distributed by 7 municipal districts, notably KaMpfumu, Nhlamankulu, KaMaxaquene, KaMavota, KaMubukuana, KaTembe and KaNyaca. (Census 2019). Challenges: Traffic, Urban Mobility, West Management, Urban Planning, Environmental challenges to respond the impact of climate changes, informal resentments and informal markets.



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