:The Port of San Diego is the fourth largest of the California eleven public ports and ranks in the top third of the United States’ 360 commercial seaports for foreign trade imports by metric tons. It is one of seventeen strategic commercial ports in the U.S. designated by the United States Maritime Administration. As the San Diego region’s primary cargo gateway to world markets, the Port is the leading option for movement of specialty cargo, meaning non-containerized, out of the box commodities; and the most efficient auto-processing port on the West Coast. It specializes in three core cargo areas: Break Bulk, Refrigerated Containers and Bulk. With a focus on meeting customer needs, the Port is actively working to redevelop and modernize facilities. In Calendar Year 2018, the Port recorded 2.0 million metric tons of inbound and outbound cargo. The Port operates two cruise terminals adjacent to a vibrant downtown area; in Calendar Year 2018, the Port recorded 95 cruise calls with 267,865 visitors. Commercial leased and non-leased property on land and water includes: General Dynamics NASSCO, the only full-service shipyard on the West Coast of the United States; and BAE Systems, a premier global defense, aerospace and technology company. Other Port area services include shipbuilding and repair, tug and tow, drydock facilities. Public safety services are provided by the Port’s Harbor Police Department, which patrols San Diego Bay, the bay tidelands, and San Diego International Airport.



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