:The Tunisian port chain is composed of 8 international commercial seaports spread over the whole 1,300 km Tunisian coastline. There is a diversity of port activities which represent 97% of Tunisia's international trade and thanks to the complementarity of commercial seaports and their exceptional location allows the reception of all types of ships and the handling of all kinds of goods.

The Merchant Marine and Ports Authority (OMMP) is a public establishment with financial autonomy and legal status.

The OMMP is charged of two basic functions:

1. Providing and ensuring the best conditions of handling in terms of time, cost, safety and security, of all ships and goods through Tunisian commercial ports (Bizerte, la Goulette, Rades, Sousse, Sfax, Gabes and Zarzis).

2. Ensuring the authority of the Maritime Administration in three primary areas: the administration of ships, seafarers and maritime security through maritime regions (Bizerte, Tunis, Sousse, Monastir, Sfax, Gabes, Djerba).

Its main missions are the development of port activities and the supervision of the performances and security of all the commercial activities, most of which have been conceded in the context of public private partnerships.

OMMP acts as landlord port to ensure the updating of port services and continuous development. As regards city port developments, OMMP has a development plan running over several years, the main current projects of which are:

·       Extending of Rades Port through the construction of two new Quays N° 8 and N° 9 with terminal N°2 for the containers handling;

·       Creation of a bulk terminal at Rades Port;

·       Creation of Rades Port Logistics Area (20 ha out of a total area of 47 ha;

·       Extending the oil quay (B) at Bizerte Port;

·       The creation of new RO -PAX terminal at Bizerte port open to the city;

·       Creation of a bulk terminal at Bizerte Port;

·       Creation of new Cruise terminal at Sousse port in its North shore open to the city.

·       Creation of new passenger-cruise terminal at Sfax port;

  Creation of a deep-water port at Enfidha, a company was established to manage the affairs.