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Dublin City Council is now the leading authority for the regeneration of a key area of former port and docks in the City, at North Lotts and Grand Canal Dock. This key area of over 66 hectares, formerly managed by the Dublin Docklands Development Authority, has and will continue to be a hub of growth within the heart of the City.  In forming a strategy of how this area will grow and progress in the future, the City Council prepared a special statutory plan for the area which provides for fast track planning within its footprint- called a Strategic Development Zone- a designation given by Government, which recognises this area’s national importance economically. Over 22 hectares of land remain vacant within the plan area, and these lands have the potential to provide for up to 2,600 new homes and between 300,000-366,000 sq. m. of commercial development.
This regeneration project for the former Docks is critical within the City as it is the link between the existing port lands and the historic core of Dublin. It is also emerging as a new hub within the City in its own right; with a growing reputation as an attractive location for ICT industry as well as financial and legal services.  Key to the success of the area, which DCC intends to continue, is the importance of investment in public realm- in making new spaces and parks, in reshaping streets and making the connection between the City and Port stronger.

Deirdre Scully, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Regional & Urban Planning, Master of Arts (Local Government Management) is currently working as senior planner in Dublin City Council co-ordinating the delivery of the North Lotts and Grand Canal Dock Strategic Development Zone. Previously Deirdre worked on local area plans in Dublin City Council and previously as the Regional Planning Guidelines officer with the Dublin & Mid-East Regional Authorities and lead the preparation and adoption of the current Regional Planning Guidelines for the Greater Dublin Area (2010), and the Retail Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area. Her previous experience includes working on the 2005 Fingal County Development Plan, and a number of years working in development management in Fingal, Drogheda, South Dublin and Louth County Authorities and community planning in Ballymun, Dublin.

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