Dock infos N°79, march 2012

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Course is set for Rio+20

Jean-Pierre Lecomte
President of AIVP

The postponement of the initial date of the coming Earth Summit in Rio, called Rio +20 in reference to the first Earth Summit in this same city in 1992, will make this planetary rendezvous coincide with the other global rendezvous which is the 13th World Conference of AIVP in Nantes and in Saint-Nazaire from 18 to 21 June next.

Essentially known for having laid down the international bases of sustainable development, the first Earth Summit initiated the start of an already long list of international meetings dedicated to the future of the planet and to the improvement of the well-being of its inhabitants. This next Brazilian meeting will this time have on its roadmap the question of green economy and the means to accelerate its development. This problematic will naturally find an echo in our own discussions, in particular in the context of the sessions dedicated to the “entrepreneurial port”. As we shall see during the AIVP Conference, the questions of renewable marine energies, of the development of industrial ecology, of the fight against greenhouse gasses… offer promising new perspectives for port cities who wish to ensure their future whilst preserving that of the planet. Without any doubt, in debating this year in France, in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, the sustainable future of port cities, we shall be at the heart of the initiatives awaited from Rio!

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