The Port of Quebec is playing the City–Port card

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The Port of Quebec is playing the City–Port card

Secteur de Beauport (c) Administration portuaire de QuébecA natural deepwater port, situated on the Saint Laurent, inland in the North American continent and less than 300 km from the first locks giving access to the shipping route leading to the region of the Great Lakes, the Port of Quebec takes full advantage from its geographical position.

The year 2011 confirmed excellent results for Port of Quebec with an overall growth of traffic of 18% and the first figures for 2012 are promising. The good state of traffic in 2011 and these perspectives should contribute to encourage the necessary investments to accompany and strengthen this development.

However in the Estuary / Pointe à Carcy sector, another project is currently raising its share of debates and questionings. This is the possible development of the Bassin Louise. The questions regarding the development of this sector being especially sensitive, Mario Girard has confirmed that he wishes to take time for reflection in order to make this project “a model for good city – port relations”.

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