The question of risk in port-city projects: AIVP enters a new partnership

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A two-day conference on “urban development and risks” will be held in Paris in May 2013, targeted primarily at a French audience.  AIVP has been invited to share its expertise in this area by the Specialised Master’s program in “Territorial Risk Management” at the EISTI (l’Ecole Internationale des Sciences du Traitement de l’Information).

Following discussions between AIVP and the organisers of this conference, which is aimed at local organisations and their economic and institutional partners, it has been decided that there will be a specific focus on the risks relating to urban port-city projects. During the conference there will be a round table organised in association with AIVP which will deal with this issue.

Risk, whether it is technological, natural, climatic or security-related, is a fundamental aspect of any urban development project, particularly “port-city” projects.  The conference will also be an opportunity to look more closely at a new field of risk management.  Future developments in this field will be particularly relevant to AIVP’s program for exchanging international experiences.  AIVP’s network will of course be kept informed of the status of this new project.

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