Dock infos N°87, october 2013

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Editorial : “Did you say IPCC?”

Inaki AzkunaThe most recent IPCC report has raised less of a storm than its predecessor published 6 years ago.  In the absence of virulent controversy with climate-change sceptics, the press seems to be tiring of these alarmist reports, even though it continues to stress – paradoxically enough – that the data produced by the IPCC are conservative. Discouraging in advance all efforts towards a profound change in our development and consumption processes would be counter-productive. If nothing changes very soon, our children and grand-children, born today, may see water waist-deep in the streets of New York, Bilbao, Shanghai or Buenos Aires by the time they retire!  Not to mention the many serious climate disorders affecting particularly southern hemisphere countries, where the social and economic tissue is already fragile.

In the face of these sombre predictions, which irritate some and petrify others, the inertia of governments and the inability of international institutions to act raise questions as to our collective capacity to apply solutions to resolve world-wide problems. Sooner or later, an answer must be found to the question of world management of environmental problems. The main glimmers of hope for reaching a point where we can anticipate future climate, ecological and resource crises rest largely on local organizations, promoted by ordinary people. What a fine example of democracy! Port-cities, in the front line against advancing climate change, continue to innovate ceaselessly in projects aimed at limiting GHG, and also at bringing about a more supportive, responsible economy (some would say a positive economy). At AIVP we are privileged witnesses of this, and we will do our utmost to encourage the circulation of ideas, initiate partnerships, and assist local players to work together to put good ideas into effect. This is indeed the deep meaning of associative commitment.

Iñaki AZKUNA URRETA, Mayor of Bilbao

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