From the transatlantic maritime station of Le Havre to “the Volcan Maritime”, national scene of Le Havre

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The city of Le Havre benefits from the presence on its territory of one of the most important and older national stages of the country. Indeed, Le Volcan, created in 1961, has a budget of about 5 million euros and will propose to the public 67 shows for more than 200 representations throughout the season 2013/2014.
The theaters used by Le Volcan since 1981 are the work of the famous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. In works of modernization since 2011, their temporary closure created the opportunity for Le Volcan of the construction of a project “except walls” of duration from 3 to 5 years. This opportunity ended in the writing of a new artistic and cultural project drawing from the roots of the City Le Havre, which become confused, since 1517, with those of its seaport.
Welcomed in the transatlantic maritime former station, within the Big Seaport of Le Havre, the national stage invested the place to make its “base camp”, appropriate to allow the organization of adventurous expeditions.
Extremely symbolic place in Le Havre, this station closed down since 1981, is situated on a quay for a long time used by the inhabitants as the place of walk and meetings.
After a respectful arrangement of the history and entirely reversible, the shows follow one another and recreate a regular link between the City and the Port while proposing a concrete approach of the concept of “harbour imagination” declined around the ideas of exoticism and of “new worlds”.

With a double program, Academy of music and University (DEA in political History and regional planning), Jean-François Driant begins his career in the years 1980 as musician and organizer of concerts. Since 1992, he is named to adviser for the music and the dance to the French Ministry of Culture. He leaves these functions in 1998 to become managing director of the Atlantic Ballet Régine Chopinot, National Dance Studio of La Rochelle. In 1999, he is named director of the Aéronef, concert hall in Lille and is joined the team which prepares “Lille 2004, European capital of the Culture”, as an artistic and technical adviser. Then, he joined the Manège, national scene of Reims before being named director of “Le Volcan”, national scene of Le Havre in April 2006.

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