The need of cultural change, creating Port Culture!

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The traffic between Helsinki and Tallinn has increased significantly the past few years. The biggest growth is spotted on the passenger cars market which traffic have five doubled during the past 10 years. With an average of 3 100 cars per day, the port infrastructures are under huge pressure. Even if the co-operation between the shipping companies and Port of Helsinki have developed positively, it still seems that City of Helsinki is suffering from ability to make decisions and putting them to action. So far we have managed to do it by organic growth.
However, to have the possibility to invest in future activities, the private sector needs a Port Culture to relay on, knowing that both the Port as well as the City of Helsinki have the possibilities to adapt and respond to future market trends and changes.

Håkan Fagerström is a professional and result driven executive in the field of transportation and maritime logistics. He holds an Executive MBA from Aalto University and a Masters Certificate (Maritime) from Aboa Mare.
His career has followed an organic path through various positions within the maritime industry. Currently he holds the position Director of Cargo Services at Tallink Silja Oy. Simultaneously with his current position, he is also the Managing Director of the Tallink Group owned stevedores company, HTG Stevedoring Oy.

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