Malaga: cultural projects, key to port-city integration

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The latest urban initiatives in the city centre of Malaga are guided by the idea that its historic center is just another part of the city and that its port is another part of the historic center.
This urban rehabilitation strategy was firmly based in the recent decades on the implementation of new cultural facilities, a scope which is also relevant for the Port of Malaga through the urban guidelines included in its Special Plan and its recent changes.
The cultural facilities on the Pier n°1, on the “Palmeral de Las Sorpresas” of the Pier n°2, or the future Auditorium on the San Andres platform are “keys” to the port-city integration in Malaga.

Carlos Lanzat Díaz : Arquitecto, Especialidad en Urbanismo, 1990 por la Universidad de Sevilla.
– Colaborador en diversos proyectos de planificación territorial (Costa del Sol Occidental), planificación municipal (Málaga, Antequera, Granada, Torremolinos) y planificación local (Planes Especiales).
– Arquitecto en ejercicio libre de 1990 a 2002
– Arquitecto municipal adscrito al Servicio de Ordenación Urbanística de la Gerencia Municipal de Urbanismo de Málaga (desde 2002) desde el que supervisa la tramitación administrativa del Plan Especial del Puerto de Málaga.

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