El Puerto de Helsinki: un océano de oportunidades comerciales

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As a Master of Laws, Mrs. Marja-Leena Rinkineva has throughout her extensive career worked with economic development, industry and commerce in the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and in the Ministry of Justice. Mrs Rinkineva is also a trained judge. She also has strong knowledge in Corporate Governance working for various boards of companies. Currently she is a chairman of the Greater Helsinki Promotion (Invest in Company) and Culminatum Innovaton Ltd (Development Company).  In September last year, Mrs. Rinkineva took on the role of the Director of Economic Development in the City of Helsinki.
Helsinki is one of the newer success stories among European metropolitan areas. Finland’s capital is also officially one of the world’s best places to live.  Now, Mrs Rinkineva and her staff are committed to making Helsinki even more appealing, functional and fun environment for entrepreneurs and companies alike.
The Office of Economic Development is a part of the Economic and Planning Center of the City of Helsinki. The Economic and Planning Center is responsible for economic, revenue and budgeting affairs for the City Council. Within the Centre, Mrs Rinkineva’s Economic Development Unit is responsible for strategic planning and a number of projects aiming at promoting and enhancing the city as one of the most important business hubs in the world.
During her freetime, Mrs. Rinkineva enjoys spending time at the seaside. She loves to do all kinds of sports incl. tennis and downhill skiing and she is also a football mother to her three teenage children.

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