Venise : diversifier les canaux d’animation pour toucher tous les publics

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ROT_picture_Federica_Bosello_110_bisFederica Bosello was born in Venice.
She’s been dealing with public institutions marketing and corporate communication for 25 years, working both with relevant cultural institutions (such as La Biennale di Venezia) and large public companies.
Since the establishment of Venice Port Authority, she holds the position of Head of Promotion, Communication and Institutional Relations Unit.
Through the years she was directly responsible for the creation and the development of all the communication channels and instruments connected to the Port of Venice as a whole.
She lectured in logistics and international economy at post graduate degrees promoted by the Venetian Universities and the Italian Bureau for international trade, as an expert in port marketing for developing countries, also publishing various articles and essays connected to these themes.
She is also responsible for « open port » policies, dealing directly with a multitude of institutions and relevant stakeholders in the territory, to promote and strengthen port-city integration in Venice, setting up a wide range of initiatives at a local and international level. 

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