Pedro Marin Cots

AML_picture_pedro_marin_105-135Pedro Marin Cots is an economist who has specialised in territory planning and city planning. He is in charge of the European Programmes Service which forms part of Malaga City Council (Spain) and is also Director of the Urban Environment Observatory. Since 2000, he has coordinated the URB-AL Programme’s network no. 6 of the European Commission and from 2005 onwards, the URB-AL Documentation Centre, grouping together projects from 1.500 European and American cities. In 2009, he was responsible for the project CAT-MED, the “Platform For Sustainable Urban Models” and the European Pilot Project “Green Apple”. Since 2016, has been responsible for Malaga’s Energy Efficiency Refurbishment pilot project in Social housing as part of the EU (MED) Strategic project “ELIH-MED”. Also since 2013, he has been responsible for the Capitalization Project “Urban Empathy” on Urban Sustainability. In 1985, he received the National Award of Urbanism, and in 1998 was the editor of the project that received the Best Practice award from the United Nations, “Programs to Improve the Urban Environment of Malaga”.

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