The cruise welcoming conditions in the Indian Oceam

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A study by the Observatory Cities and Port of the Indian Ocean

A comparative analysis in port areas in Durban (South Africa), Le Port (Reunion – France), Port-Louis (Mauritius), and Toamasina (Madagascar).

Far behind the two big and traditional navigation areas, which are the Caribbean and Mediterranean providing 86% of the global turnover in 2010, the cruise market has remained poorly developed in the Indian Ocean. However, the cruise market world success and growth is leading it toward the third wide ocean on earth. At regional level, the cruise market has already been developing flows, facilities and generating significant effects.

So, in the southwestern Indian Ocean, the navigation area has been providing a rich cruise potential by various continental coasts from Cape Town (South Africa) to Mombassa (Kenya), the big Madagascan Island and archipelagos of Seychelles, Comoros, Mascareignes. To this favourable geographic and weather configuration for cruise, we may add local and abroad customers potential. This enables implementing the cruise market as a regional tourism driving force.

Therefore, it was obvious for the recent Indian Ocean Observatory Port and Cities (IOO PC) that it has to define as one of the two focal the inventory locations and prospects for cruise in the southwestern Indian Ocean. Made with limited means and short deadline, it is on purpose that the study narrows the investigation field to cruise in leading port-cities – Durban (South Africa), Le Port (Reunion/ France), Port-Louis (Mauritius) and Toamasina (Madagascar).

This study was presented and enhanced during the first seminar planned by the IOO PC in Durban (18-19 February 2011) where many port representatives attended. This study is supposed to be enhanced to provide to IOO PC members an exhaustive inventory of cruise market in the southwestern Indian Ocean. This inventory highlights present and future prospects of the cruise industry, which already play an essential role in economic dynamism port-cities all over the world.

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