Dock infos N°80, april 2012

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Joël Batteux
Mayor of Saint-Nazaire
Chairman of the Agglomeration of Saint-Nazaire

The attractiveness and inluence of Nantes, of Saint-Nazaire and more generally of the Loire Estuary, are obviously closely connected with the port. At the outcome of the Second World War and up to the Nineties, this relationship between our cities and their port has undergone dificult, even painful moments.

For 20 years now, both in Nantes and in Saint-Nazaire, we are accomplishing a new ambition: City-Port and Ile de Nantes. All at the same time, urban, social, and cultural, it is shaping our identity and is carrying new vocations, complementary to the economic and port activities.

From the 18th to the 21st June, you will be guests of the cities and agglomerations of Saint-Nazaire and Nantes, of the Region of Pays-dela- Loire, of the Grand Port Maritime and of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We are always happy to receive visitors as we are open to the world and curious about the projects and experiences carried out elsewhere. Together, we shall welcome you with pleasure and interest, animated by that team spirit which is familiar to us and which is sometimes envied.

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