Seminar in Leghorn (Italy): the AIVP retrace the evolution of city port relationships

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Denis DavoultOn 4 July last a seminar entitled “Livorno Domani. Una Città portuale Europea” was held in Livorno (Italy).

As a preamble to the debates with the local community on the current projects of Livorno and their stakes, the Port of Livorno had solicited AIVP to present its outlook and its international experience. This was the occasion for Denis Davoult to retrace the evolution of city port relationships and to present some of the lessons learnt from the very recent 13th AIVP World Conference.

Nearly quarter of a century after the founding of AIVP, questionings on the future of dock wastelands is indeed still topical. However if the development of the port outside the city is still a reality in numerous port cities, a new vocabulary and new strategies have been seen to gradually emerge: not only re-conquest, but also the maintaining of the active port within the city, no longer cut off, but blending and integrating with it. Through the AIVP worldwide network and our exchanges of experiences, we have also seen these last years the appearance of a return of the port towards the city.

Livorno Domani. Una Città portuale EuropeaSeveral speakers during our recent World Conference insisted on the resolution of the city-port equation, the challenges posed by the development of the city port interface still remaining one of the major challenges in the management of our port cities. Placed precociously in the front line of globalisation, the port cities appear as complex territories of exceptions. But they also draw their strength from this specificity. They are also tremendous fields where the solutions of blending and the models of the co-development of tomorrow are invented and experimented. A strong idea was thus expressed during the concluding round table: after the era of coexistence, of cohabitation, and beyond cooperation, it is now the time for partnership or, an even stronger expression, for the mutualisation of resources and territories.


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