Dock infos N°81, august 2012

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Editorial : Rio London, London… Rio

Dock infos N°81 Summer 2012 is drawing to an end in the Northern hemisphere whilst the Southern winter is ending. These last three months will have been marked by two international events held at opposite ends of the world…

It all started in Rio with a morose Earth Summit during which no major decision for the construction of the world of tomorrow was able to be taken. A few weeks later, the Olympic spirit reigned over London, and in the port cities of the five continents we all vibrated at the exploits of the Jamaican Bolt, of the Kenyan Rudisha, of the Chinese Shiwedu, or of the British Wiggins. The contrast is striking. Could these two weeks of festivities and sharing not inspire us to meet at last the challenges of our human race? We are at the start of the last straight, and if the nations manifestly are still unable to clearly determine the place of the winning post, this should not slow down the local initiatives so dear to AIVP. Exchanges of good practices, apprenticeships, diffusion of knowledge, solidarity, pooling of ideas… here we find our Olympic spirit. We are counting on you to maintain it. In 2016, the Games will be held in Rio : a unique occasion to come full circle.

Jean Pierre Lecomte
President of AIVP

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