Suitable urban development unlocking economic urban value

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36e Congrès mondial de l'INTA

36th INTA World Annual Congress – Paris (France) – 17-18 December, 2012

Six plenary sessions will discuss cutting edge issues that urban development has to face currently: a new economy for a new habitat; how urban smartness unlocks urban value; Can the re-engineered city meet the urban economic challenge?; Rediscovering mobility; City redevelopment at the heart of the metropolitan economy: centrality and peri-urbanisation; Shaping sustainable economic and urban development of the Mediterranean – intelligent tourism.

These themes will be illustrated in each plenary session by a main case, and then, international speakers, comparing their own experience, will stimulate the debate. According to the organizers,  “The evolving economic context means supporting growth and jobs in our cities is more critical than ever.”

INTA is a partner of AIVP.

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