Board of Directors: Durban chosen for AIVP World Conference in 2014

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The AIVP Board of Directors met on Tuesday, 26 March, in Paris, with Jean Pierre Lecomte in the chair. During this spring session, General Manager Olivier Lemaire and Deputy Director Bruno Delsalle presented a balance of AIVP activities in 2012.

With 14 active new members joining AIVP in 2012, the growth dynamic of the world network is continuing. The success of the events organised by the Association in 2012, from the World Conference in Nantes Saint-Nazaire to the Barcelona Days, bear witness to the sustained interest of the players in port-city development in the Association’s work. New themes (pleasure boating, energy transition) have been discussed at these events. The Board approved the programme of activities and the provisional budget for 2013. In particular, the decision was taken to develop the services offered to members in the context of assistance for getting port-city projects started, and providing expertise through the AIVP network of experts.

A selection committee met on the previous day to interview the two candidates to organise the next AIVP World Conference in 2014: Genoa and Durban. After noting the excellent contents of the dossiers presented by both candidates, the Board confirmed the selection of Durban, both for reasons of the strategic development of the Association’s world network and for the quality of the partnership proposed, which will meet the Association’s requirements perfectly. The next AIVP world event will therefore be organised in South Africa in November 2014.


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