AAPA XXII Latin American Congress of Ports, 25-28 June 2013

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The Colombian ports of Santa Marta, Barranquilla, Cartagena and Buenaventura will host the AAPA (American Association of Port Authorities) 2013 Latin American Congress of Ports in Bogota. The conference will address the integration of Latin American ports in the world in an era of free trade agreements and common markets.

AIVP, represented by its Director General, Olivier Lemaire,  has been invited to  take part in a round table presided by Hugo Borelli, President of the Port Authority of Bahia Blanca (Argentina) and an active member of AIVP, on the subject: The Integration of Latin American Ports in the World: Relations with Europe and Asia.

We remind members that AIVP signed a memorandum of cooperation with AAPA in Guayaquil (Ecuador) in 2006, in a move to bring the two organisations closer together. Participation in these discussions naturally forms part of the active cooperation between AIVP and the AAPA network of Latin American ports.

For further information on the conference: http://www.aapacolombia2013.com


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